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You may like to adopt a sheep from the site and find out about real cuddly lambs. Welcome to the grooviest site on the web where you can adopt a lamb on-line and watch it grow into a sheep throughout the year with a series of monthly photographs and stories viewed through the site.  Phenominal!  Simply click the Join Now link on the left to choose your cyber pets.  Check out what you get when you join AdoptaFarm by clicking the About Adoptafarm link on the left.  Become a Shepherd and collect your Shepherds Rewards.
This site is full of information about real farm animals such as the cute lambs, sheep and cows and their lives at Lochdhu Farm, a real Scottish farm. Adopt a lamb, get a free SwapLamb and join the SwapLamb league. Send a free Lamb Postcard (Click the link on the left). You can view a selection of our hundreds of lamb photographs by clicking on the Lamb Gallery link or listen to a selection of real sheep sounds and sheep noises.

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Join AdoptaFarm through a very simple on-line joining process. You can register and join as a gift for other people simply by inputting their email address and other details, using your own details within the payment mechanism or purchase the Adopt A Lamb Kit and we will send you all of the necessary items to adopt a sheep at your leisure.
Farmer Bob has been on a mission to get the site into the top 10 rankings on the Google search engine. So far he has done well to get it up to number 8 but there are more than 55 million results on Google and he needs assistance to get it to number 1 which he would like to do with your help. How can you help - simply copy the link to and add it to your web site. When we have thousands of links from thousands of web sites it will reach number one. As an added bonus when you put the link on your site anyone that moves their mouse over the link will hear a lamb or a sheep sound from the site. Click the link on the left to see what it will look and sound like on your page below and how to add it to your page simply.
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Turn this site into a mega cool class project, use the information - it is free. Hey, we will even put your sheep project on the web if YOU think it is good enough. Just get in touch!! Go to to view tartan sheep.

If you want to know more about what AdoptaFarm is offering click the About Adoptafarm link on the left, but believe me we will be offering a real experience of farming in the Scotland (well as real as it can get on the web). If you have an idea you would like us to incorporate then drop us a line at
Try some of these games while you are waiting  Games includes SheepGame. We have a brand new game called SwapLambWar which you should try for a little fun. to view nodding sheep.
Don't forget to have a look at the Lamb Gallery, these are some of the thousands of sheep photographs we have so far on AdoptaFarm and we are adding more photographs and stories every month. Members can save these photos in their own Personal Lamb Gallery for viewing at any time. Feel free to print or copy the photographs as long as you are not using them for any commercial reason.
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If you want to know what happens to real sheep, lambs, cows and other farm animals on a real farm in Scotland then keep up to date with AdoptaFarm. Farmer Bob will also be adding stories about tractors, combine harvesters, JCB and other machinery used on the farm at Lochdhu. Dougie the lamber will be introducing his sheepdog onto the AdoptaFarm site, but since Dougie appears only once a year at lambing time we will have to wait for that one. Go on spoil a friend adopt a cyber sheep and keep it as one of your internet pets.

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To view teacher resources. Adopt a sheep in a foreign language - adotti una pecora, adoptez un mouton, adopte una oveja, keur een schaap goed, nehmen Sie ein Schaf an, adote um carneiro
Visit and make sure you don't miss the wisest sheep on the web.

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